Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Richard Till Makes It Easy

Richard Till Makes it Easy, by Richard Till, $34.99 Renaissance Publishers

Richard Till treated us to a highly entertaining instore evening a couple of weeks back. He’s always got plenty to say and this particular evening was no exception. In his laconic – in fact remarkably laid-back - style (quite different to the hyped-up frontperson for Progressive Enterprises that we see on our tv screens every night), he shared with us his love for traditional recipes and related food rituals. For the Till family, Christmas is all about the turkey and the pudding – with all the usual other stuff in between.

So what does his new book deliver? Well, the style is very chatty and the layout is interesting and reminded me more of an old scrapbook. There are plenty of great combinations such as Osso Bucco (Beef Shins Italian style) served with gremolata. Also included are some classics including the ‘world famous in the South Island’ Cheese Rolls and one of Richard’s particular favourites, Devils on Horseback. My friend Susan made me Mum’s Chocolate Square and it was indeed yummy, although thinner than the chocolate squares found at most modern cafes these days.

Richard Till Makes It Easy evoked memories of food I have enjoyed before and it’s inspired me to try again.  I suggest you give some of the recipes a go yourself.

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