Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Far From a Carnival by David Rushforth

Far From a Carnival by David Rushforth

David tells us a story of families and relationships set in several contrasting locales.  It is a great story with characters you will feel connected with.

Tim and Angela live in Auckland with a long marriage behind them with one just grown son and the ghosts of two deceased daughters.  Young Robert is beginning his university life and has two new friends Paulo and Janet.

Paulo immigrated to Auckland from Brazil 10 years ago.  He is distant from his loved family that he left behind, but has built a rewarding life teaching about South America at Auckland University where he also completed his studies.  His friendship with younger Robert develops into a potentially strong romantic partnership.  Rushforth does have a good way with developing his charcter’s relationships.

Divorced Sophie lives in Lyon near her grown children.   Her closest friend is brother Georges who has discovered a romantic connection with a dreamed of new life in New Zealand.

The connections and disconnections in the story build a delightful rambling story of family and exotic experiences.  However I did not enjoy some of the book’s descriptive style.  I admire anyone who can write the thousands of words needed to create a coherent novel.  This David has achieved. Skim over the overly descriptive bits and enjoy the story and relationships he has embroidered.

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