Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Green Granny's Kitchen by Fiona Hill Harper Collins

A Green Granny's Kitchen by Fiona Hill Harper Collins

Fiona is a florist turned community gardening convert.  From her city fringe apartment she has gone from simply growing micro greens in pots to discovering and getting involved with a local community garden in Grey Lynn.  While New Zealand does not have Britain's tradition of allotments, she learns that more community gardens are popping up in our towns.  Fiona discovers hers is welcoming of anyone willing to help and there are abundant rewards of seasonal produce. This will be the story of her first year getting her hands dirty in real soil.

 Her community gardening nirvana moment prompts Fiona to remember the gardening that was done by her parents and other people throughout her life.  Her delightful writing style includes recipes and anecdotes of gardens and their produce as we journey with her in her year of community gardening.  This is a hugely personal story, but is shared with love and joy.  It demonstrates that gardening is as relevant today as it was for our parents and grandparents on their quarter acre blocks.  Her other recent book is How to grow Microgreens which reflects her experience as an apartment dweller.

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