Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Letters from Ibiza by Timmi Milsom

Letters from Ibiza by Timmi Milsom

Milsom is a tall blond Brit who lives in Ibiza and works both as a House Designer and a Porn Movie Producer.  You may open this book with the thought that this is going to be a novel full of Ibiza drugs partying and shagging.  But no it’s a real life account of Ibiza drugs partying and shagging told as a diary account of a year as a resident of Ibiza.

Milsom writes in a delightfully self deprecating manner about his crazy life in this rather weird Spanish paradise.  His details of the French born waiters who intentionally speak the local dialect with extreme French accents to frustrate visitors from Madrid is very funny.  The effects of partying all night in stilettos and trying to make a dignified lurch back home in daylight are also wittily described.

There is a wry, presumably intended misuse of normal English:  “Even the staff at Madagascar joined in the spirit of it all by smoking spliffs till they were zonked out of their heads;  the service as usual was dreadful, but at least they weren’t tormenting the tourists which was very disappointing.”

He name drops blatantly as he jets about the world and zaps about the island.  Perez Hilton, Jeff Stryker, David Linley all make appearances.  It’s certainly a fun read and you will probably know for certain after reading it whether you would be up for a life in the bright lights of Ibiza.

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