Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good Fullas, A Guide to Kiwi Blokes by Marc Ellis

Good Fullas, A Guide to Kiwi Blokes by Marc Ellis

Well we gay men wanted equal rights, so along with property rights and civil unions, we also have the right to be included in Marc Ellis’ satire of kiwi blokes.  This self confessed bogan reckons he has every type of Kiwi in his group of mates from the Ginga, Bogan, Cardycrat, Caveman to many of us, the Finkles.

Having established for us that Finkles are flamboyant, effeminate and fruity homosexual Fullas taking on the overt female role, you will need to read more to discover if you wish to apply his more specific labels of Finklettes, Smurfs, Twinkies, Bears or Yestergays.  Did he observe or experience the situation where some Finkle remarked  “You know Sweetheart, I’m not guy.  I once fucked a guy who reckoned he was though.”  What a wonderful country we get to live in!

He does include the Gym Dandy in his Rugbyhead chapter.  You may wonder who from his ball kicking days struck him as being in denial of his inner gay-ness.  At the very least Ellis is able to laugh at himself.  I think we can laugh along with him.

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