Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Natural Pet Care by Pat Coleby

Natural Pet Care by Pat Coleby $28
Pat Coleby is a qualified vet with many years experience.  Our pet friends are more and more being afflicted with diseases and conditions similar to those suffered by their human owners.  Could this be caused by pampered lifestyles and artificially contrived tinned or packet foods with lots of apparently necessary additives?
This book gives you an overview of how to best treat your dog, cat or other small pet animal.  Colbey looks at how their relatives live in the wild and then reflects on ways to best replicate that domestically.  It seems that a natural kibble without added soy or canola oil are best at .  Prime cuts of meat are not recommended.  Some animals have almost died from protein overdoses.  Again looking at animals in the wild, initial feeding would include skin, fur and viscera, well before meaty muscle tissue was available.  Often the muscle or meat would be buried to decompose before being eaten.
There is a great section on natural remedies and information particularly on using natural methods where possible.  All this is finished off with sensible advice on acquiring a pet, making this a very useful book for anyone wanting to be the owner of a happy healthy pet.
Wadey and Hutcheson tell you that ideas are a lot easier to have than they are to implement.  But ideas won’t keep; something must be done about them.  Take this to heart, learn to embrace your slow, find your flow and you may well become rich and happy from applying the teachings in their book.

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