Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Outback: Currawong Creek by Paul Freeman

Outback: Currawong Creek by Paul Freeman $110.00

Paul Freeman first came to my attention when he wrote a biography of out rugby league player Ian Roberts in 1996, which at the time seemed quite daring. Since then Freeman has developed his photographic career with a number of exhibitions and some particularly daring photographs of Australian men in his four Bondi  books. Now there is Outback: Currawong Creek: his second Outback book.

This new one is a large format coffee table book featuring glorious duo toned and full colour images of hunky, mostly nude, men in outdoor farm settings. Although the men themselves are pretty good to look at, the context in which they’re seen is relaxed yet totally credible, whether they are alone or in scenes of playful camaraderie.

Freeman has captured a male spirit that while not specifically gay will still hold enormous appeal for many gay men. I think I have found my man’s Christmas present.

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